Rossano Gentili

Rossano Gentili (Florence, August 21, 1964) is an Italian composer, sound designer, and producer.

In the 90s he founded the band Dirotta su Cuba. The group immediately took an innovative path in the Italian music scene, mixing classic pop with jazz and soul.
The band topped the national charts and sold over 400,000 records up today.

Later, in parallel with the activity of the group, Rossano directs his interest to artistic production.
He co-produces some of the band’s songs and some works for prestigious brands such as Coca-Cola, Omnitel (now Vodafone) and Renault.
In 2005 Rossano established Jazzet, an independent record label oriented to the jazz and soul world.

2009 brings to a reunion of the original Dirotta su Cuba band with Stefano De Donato and Simona Bencini followed by a long tour in Italy and Europe.

Meanwhile, Rossano becomes more and more interested and involved in sound design.
In 2011 he begins a collaboration with Franco Cosimo Panini Publisher, developing projects for WWF (stationery commercials), Comix and Pimpa an Italian famous children’s character (Music and sound design for App and visual media).

Since 2012 Rossano writes and produces licensing music, working directly with companies, advertising agencies or brand owners among others Ferrari and Alfa Romeo.

In 2014 he gets a master’s degree in coaching and becomes a Music Coach.