Beautiful Italy

Beautiful Italy is a soundtrack that brings to mind the Italian lifestyle and its many wonderful beauties.

Perfect for anything Italian, comedy, films, kitchen documentary, Italian food projects, short films, TV shows. Also suitable for travel projects, cultural promotions, food and wine projects and much more. The sound of mandolin, accordion, piano and acoustic guitars will take you there, under the sun of Italy!


5 EDITS INCLUDED: Main, :60, Loop 1, Loop 2, and Ending Tail edits.

Active, inspiring, motivating, corporate music.

Instruments: Ambient Piano, Guitar Harmonics, Bass, Arp Synths.

Perfect for:
Corporate Projects
Innovative Technological Projects
Digital Product Presentation
Corporate Media
Corporate Narration Background
Video Training
Digital Marketing
Startup Promo
Corporate Presentations
Marketing Campaign
Tech Innovations

For a greater versatility and ease of use there are 5 edits in the zip file:

A. Main: 2:34
B. :60: 1:00
C. Loop 1 (bed): 0:30
D. Loop 2 (full arrangement): 0:30
E. Ending Tail: 0:08

All in Wav and high-quality Mp3.

Corporate Explainer

5 EDITS INCLUDED: Main, :30, :60, Loop 1, and Loop 2 edits.

Uplifting, motivational, technological background music with an optimistic and inspiring mood.

Instruments: Inspiring Acoustic Piano, Guitar Harmonics Bed, Uplifting Bells, Synth Colors.

Perfect for:
Corporate Projects
Promo Videos
Commercial and Advertising
Product Presentations
Video Background
Explainer Videos

5 versions:

1. Main Version: 2:38

2. :30 Version: 0:30

3. :60 Version: 0:59

4. Loop 1 Version: 0:17

5.Loop 2 Version: 0:17

All in Wav and high-quality Mp3.

Spooky Comedy

3 EDITS INCLUDED: Main, Loop, and Ending Loop Edits

Quirky, playful, whimsical music theme.

Instruments: Bassoon, Cartoon Percussions, Pizzicato Strings, Toy Marimbas, Flutes, Muted trumpets, Baritone Sax, Brass, Upright Bass, Jazz Drums.
Mood: Curious, Drunk, Magic, Playful, Quirky, Sneaky, Strange, Whimsical, Weird.
Perfect for: Comedy or Dramedy Projects – Funny Videos – Halloween Projects – Background Music – School Projects – TV or Radio advert – Short Film – Cartoon – Viral Marketing Campaign – Television – Video Game Soundtrack – Theme Tune – Animation Projects.

Include 3 items in the Zip file:
1. Main Version: 2:02
2. Loopable Version: 1:07
3. Ending Loop: 0:05
All in Wav and high-quality Mp3.

Halloween Play

4 EDITS INCLUDED: Main, Loop, Short, and Ending Loop/Stinger Edits

Spooky, playful orchestral music score.

Instruments: Pizzicato Strings, Glockenspiel, Cellos, Harpsichord, Harp, Flutes, Brass, Choir.
Mood: Dark, Fearful, Haunting, Magical, Playful, Scary, Sinister.
Perfect for: Halloween Projects – Comedy – Spooky Videos – Background Music – School Projects – TV or Radio advert – Short Film – Cartoon – Television – Video Game Soundtrack – Theme Tune – Animation Projects.

Include 4 items in the Zip file:

1. Main Version: 1:51

2. Loopable Version: 1:43

3. Short Version: 0:40

4. Ending Loop/Stinger Version: 0:05

All in Wav and high quality Mp3.

Happy House

Upbeat, pop house song, featuring massive synths, piano, a strong beat for a great party atmosphere. Perfect for fashion projects, Tv or radio advertising, commercials, Youtube videos, podcasts, motivational projects, product presentations, app and much more.

Positive Motivation

4 VERSIONS INCLUDED: Main, :60, 30, 15 versions.

Happy, cheerful, upbeat track.

Instruments: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitars, Piano, Uplifting Bells, Uptempo Drums, Hand Clap, Bass, Synths.
Mood: Motivational, Happy, Cheerful, Positive, Optimistic, Confident.
Perfect for: Advertising – Commercials – Business and Promotional Presentation – Kids and Children videos – Funny Videos – Mobile Phone App – Background Music – Slide Show – TV or Radio Ad– Youtube Video – Social Media Marketing – Viral Marketing Campaign – Television – Theme Tune – TV Promotion – Web.